National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Public Records Act

Archival arrangement and accessibility

The 1995 Public Records Act explicitly states that archival records must be transferred and preserved not only in a proper and orderly state, but that they must also be accessible.

The requirement that the government places to the 'orderly and accessible state' are laid out in the Ministerial Regulation on Public Records (Archiefregeling 2009).

Archival law & regulations for government organisations

The way in which government organisations musy comply with their preservation and management responsbilities is precisely described in a number of different laws and regulations. In principle, it does not matter if the information is digital or not. The following laws and regulations specifically address archives:

  • 1995 Public Records Act (Archiefwet)

Legal tasks: who does what?

The 1995 Public Records Act specifies that each government body must formulate retention schedules for their archives. Also concerned are:

  • The Minister of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW)
  • The Head of the State Archives Service (the algemene rijksarchivaris)
  • The Council for Culture (Raad voor Cultuur)
  • Coordinating agencies