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From Dust till Dawn: the Dutch Records Project at the Tamil Nadu Archives (Chennai, India)

Nowadays, not many people are aware that for about two centuries the Dutch were closely involved with the Indian subcontinent. The Dutch East India Company (VOC) established trade factories in Malabar, Coromandel, Surat and Bengal.

A multi purpose visit to Indonesia by the MCH-program director

From March 28th till April 2nd Mr. Roelof Hol, the MCH-program director at the Dutch Nationaal Archief, visited Indonesia. The main reason for this visit was a Conference of the Encompass program.

Short visit of the MCH-team to Ghana

In April 2011 a short mission from the MCH-team to Ghana was planned.

Preserving archives on Ghana. Internship of a PRAAD conservation worker

During the months of April, May and June of 2011 Mrs. Mary Efua Yanney from the Public Records and Archives Administration Department (PRAAD, the national archives of Ghana) is doing an internship at the Nationaal Archief.

Dutch West India Company archives become Memory of the World (UNESCO)

The Archives of the Dutch West India Company (WIC) are proclaimed Memory of the World (MoW). This has officially been declared by UNESCO on May 25th. With the MoW register, UNESCO calls for the preservation and increasing accessibility of valuable archival holdings, library collections and private individual manuscripts all over the world.

Visit of the National Archivist of Surinam to the Nationaal Archief

On February 16th-17th the Director of the National Archives of Surinam, Mrs Tjien Fooh, visited the National Archives of the Netherlands. The reason for this visit was to talk about the transfer of archives from the Netherlands to Surinam.

"Do you have a Tombo on that?" Report on the visit of the MCH-team Nationaal Archief to Sri Lanka

In January 2011 Roelof Hol, Director MCH Nationaal Archief, and Jinna Smit, Project Manager MCH Nationaal Archief, travelled to Colombo to visit the Sri Lanka National Archives (SLNA), the Wolvendaal Church and the Royal Netherlands Embassy.

Tropical box meeting in Rio de Janeiro

In early December 2010 a meeting was hosted at the Arquivo Nacional (the national archives) of Brazil to discuss the possible next phase of the Tropical Box-project. We were given a very warm welcome by the director Jaime Antunes da Silva and by specialist and MCH-contact Vitor Manoel Marques Fonseca.

A wealth of new information for the guide 'Dutch sources on South Asia'

For part three of the series ‘Dutch Sources on South Asia, c. 1600-1825’, named: ‘Archival Guide to Repositories outside The Netherlands’, Lennart Bes of the Nationaal Archief has visited eight repositories in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India in the period from November 2010 to January 2011. The primary goal was to describe relevant archival material of which no finding aids are available in the Netherlands or exist at all.

Succesful first part of the project 'Training for Conservation Assistant' in Surinam

In November and December 2010 a group of eight Surinam heritage professionals were trained as teacher (or trainer) in preparation of the Training for Conservation Assistant. The Training for Conservation Assistant starts in March 2011 in Paramaribo and will educate in managing different cultural heritage objects or in dealing with risks threatening archival or museum collections.