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Continuation of APEnet combines innovation with increased content

The Archives Portal Europe (APEnet) will soon enable access to information about the collections of seventeen European national archival institutions from a single point of entry. The Nationaal Archief has participated in the APEnet project from the very beginning.

Role of the Nationaal Archief within APEnet

In order to allow the Archives Portal Europe to present the content of the various participants in a uniform format to users, the Direction des Archives de France has developed a software tool which can convert every EAD implementation as used by the various APEnet participants into the common APEnet EAD format.

Participants in APEnet and their contributions

When work commenced in January 2009, the APEnet project consortium comprised of representatives from the Spanish Ministry of Culture (sub-directorate State Archives), the German Bundesarchiv and th

APEnet and Europeana

In addition to the main objective – giving all European citizens online access to the collective memory as stored in archives – the APEnet project has a second objective: contributing to the development of the Europeana portal.

Archives Portal Europe (APEnet project)

The increase in the number of archival institutions that use the internet to allow access to their collections also saw a growing need within the European archival community to join the experience and expertise in this area in order to create a single mutual archive portal.