National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Technical transfer procedures / Transfer between ICT-systems

Digital archives that are to be transferred must be accompanied by information captured from the document management system used by the original custodians, in a format that complies with the Regeling geordende en toegankelijke staat archiefbescheiden (Regulation on the organised and accessible state of archival records). It is therefore important that the system is able to export the files in an open format with their associated metadata (data about the information). The State Archives Service recommends that systems comply with the NEN 2082 standard. This Dutch standard specifies the functional requirements for electronic information and archiving management systems. The State Archives Service also recommends that the NEN-ISO 15489 standard is considered when establishing an information management programme, in relation to people, resources, procedures etc. It goes without saying that the detail of the Regeling geordende en toegankelijke staat archiefbescheiden conforms to both NEN standards.