National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Donation or loan

The State Archives Service considers the transfer of a private archive in relation to a repository’s acquisition profile, such as the acquisition profile of the National Archives. Regional History centres (RHC’s) have their own acquisition profiles.

If the archive fits the profile and will be transferred, agreement must be reached on whether the archive will be loaned or donated:

  • with donations, the State Archives Service becomes fully responsible for the management and retention of the archive;
  • when an archive is loaned, it remains the property of the private individual.

The details must be recorded in a model loan or deposit agreement, along with any restrictions imposed by the originator of the archihve.

The State Archives Service decides, in conjunction with the private individual, whether the archive is to be completely or only partially accessible by the public. Responsibility for applying limitations on public accessibility lies with the State Archives Service. An explanation of the criteria used is available from the website Openbaarheid en toegankelijkheid.