National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)


The current website was developed in around 2002. Given all the developments that have taken place since then, it comes as no surprise that the website no longer meets our requirements. The project NA4All was launched with the goal of developing a future-looking public website appropriate for the needs of generation 2.0.

Generation 2.0 is also known as Generation Y or Generation Einstein. For them, the use of instant messaging, google, wikis, blogs, forums, rss feeds, virtual and online social networks, games, sms, (mobile) email, downloads, skype and online shopping is all a commonplace and a natural part of the world.

The new website

The new website's technical infrastructure will make information about the collection in the National Archive easier for search engines and other websites to find. As a result, new user groups will be introduced to the National Archive and we will better satisfy the expectations of website users:

  • A new, user friendly content management system in place;
  • The design and layout of the website will be revised. Particular attention will  be paid to an open architecture and open standards to support innovative forms of collaboration with other archival and cultural institutions;
  • New, innovative services will be developed and offered (based for example on technologies used in Flickr or in Google Earth). The National Archive will thus be able to anticipate the needs of its visitors and actively interact with them. Moreover, the  new services will enable visitors to make an active contribution to enriching the digital collection.