National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Digital content

The National Archives has around a million pages of text in its custody. Based on a raw estimate of 10,000 currently available scanned pages, approximately 1% of the collection is available in digital form.

Complete provision of digital services in a digital National Archive is only possible if both the finding aids and the original resources are available in digital form. Digitisation of the objects themselves will cost millions, to which must be added the cost of storage and data management. Priorities must therefore be ascertained and choices made. Within the framework of the Digital Content project, a business plan will be drawn up, following the guidance in the eArchive in Development vision document. This vision document proposes, amongst other things, that 10% of the of the total collection, preferably the most interesting parts, should be available to the public in digital form within the next ten years.