National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Return of Guyanese heritage by the Nationaal Archief

Recently the Nationaal Archief was surprised by receiving an original piece of Guyanese heritage: the minutes of the Court of Police of Demerary and Essequibo 1774-1776. The Minutes had been lost between 1921 and 1980, than they were spotted at an antique shop in Georgetown in 2006.

Discovery in an Dutch bookstore

The book was probably sold to a tourist and finally it ended up at a Dutch bookstore: De Slegte. One of the employees of the Nationaal Archief was alarmed by seeing the work in their inventory. At the request of the Program Director of the MCH Program, Roelof Hol, De Slegte decided to donate the register to the Nationaal Archief.

Return to Guyana

On the 15th of April Roelof handed over the material to the director of the Walter Rodney Archives (National Archives of Guyana, Georgetown), Mrs. Nadia Camel-Garter. Also during this visit Roelof handed over a series of digital copies of Dutch colonial maps of Guyana to the Minister of Culture of Guyana, Dr. Rose. The digital maps received will be added to a collection of maps which the Minister said will then be chronologically sequenced and put on display later in the year. The visit to Guyana is the start of an ongoing and strengthening partnership with more collaboration between the two countries in the future.