National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

DCICC new publisher of MCH newsletter

Since May this year, the Dutch Centre for International Cultural Cooperation (DICC, formerly known as SICA) publishes a newsletter on mutual cultural heritage (MCH). This newsletter replaces the current MCH newsletter of the Nationaal Archief. The DCICC newsletter will keep you informed on the Mutual Cultural Heritage Program, the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency and the embassies of the MCH countries. It focuses on archives and on built, archeological, historical and immaterial heritage.

New role DCICC

Since January 2013, DCICC has taken up special tasks for MCH. This new role consists of informing the field, liaising initiatives and creating more publicity for MCH and its activities. Besides this, DCICC also manages a matching fund in order to stimulate and support cultural heritage projects. Publishing an MCH/DCICC newsletter that keeps all interested and involved parties informed, fits in with this new role.

Last edition Nationaal Archief

In 2010 the Nationaal Archief started to publish an MCH newsletter with information on projects, events and other interesting news on mutual cultural heritage. This is the last edition of the MCH newsletter as you know it. We trust that the DCICC newsletter will inspire you and that it will keep you well informed on mutual cultural heritage.

In order to receive the DCICC newsletter, please send an e-mail.