National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Archives of the Old West India Company online

As part of the aspiration to offer full access to the sources on mutual history, the Nationaal Archief has digitized the archives of the First or Old West India Company (OWIC, 1621-1674). The launch of the ‘OWIC online’ took place on the first of the Atlantic Days in Amsterdam 3 November.

The OWIC archive contains more than 7 meters of documents which were created mostly by the Lords XIX and the different Chambers (especially Zeeland). The archive has a lot of information on Brazil. Some documents are about the coast of Guinea (Ghana) and ‘New Netherlands’(East coast of North America). The OWIC documents are written in old Dutch. The Nationaal Archief is researching options for transcribing and translating them.

Funds for the New West Indian Company

The Nationaal Archief is currently trying to find funds for digitizing part of the Second or New West India Company (1674-1791). This archive is approximately 110 meters tall and contains a lot of information on Ghana, Curacao, Surinam and Guyana. The MCH newsletter will keep you informed on the developments of this project.