National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Participants in APEnet and their contributions

When work commenced in January 2009, the APEnet project consortium comprised of representatives from the Spanish Ministry of Culture (sub-directorate State Archives), the German Bundesarchiv and the national archives of Finland, France, Greece, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden. These were joined in October 2009 by the national archives of Belgium and Ireland, and at the time of writing the national archives of Bulgaria, Estonia and the Czech Republic have also agreed to cooperate.

All participants will supply content and initially the Archives Portal Europe will only show material from the national archival institutions and affiliated national portals. However, the intention is for these national archival institutions to eventually act as national aggregators for this portal initiative.


The activities that need to be carried out for the actual realisation of the Archives Portal Europe have been divided into so-called work packages. Five of the initial participants have volunteered to each lead a work package and together they form the management team.

The Spanish Ministry of Culture is responsible for the overall project management (work package 6). This ministry is also leading work package 2: building and hosting the portal.

The Spanish team started to work on the basis of the definition of the logical model for the portal and the most important component preceding this, a universal APEnet-EAD-implementation, which was realised under the responsibility of the Bundesarchiv (work package 1)

As leaders of work packages 3 and 4, the Nationaal Archief and the Direction des Archives de France are responsible for collecting, converting and providing content.
The Direction des Archives de France is doing this primarily internally, within the Archives Portal Europe, and the Nationaal Archief primarily externally: passing Archives Portal Europe content on to Europeana.

The Swedish Riksarkivet takes care of public relations for the APEnet project (work package 5) and is in this capacity responsible for recruiting new participants, for APEnet contributions at international conferences, for organising APEnet workshops and for managing the APEnet project website.