National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

APEnet and Europeana

In addition to the main objective – giving all European citizens online access to the collective memory as stored in archives – the APEnet project has a second objective: contributing to the development of the Europeana portal. This is the flagship of the European Union eContentplus programme and its aim is to give European citizens access via internet to the digital collections of all 'cultural domains' (libraries, archives, museums, audiovisual collections etc.).

APEnet aggregator for Europeana

The Archives Portal Europe will eventually function on behalf of the European 'cultural domain' of archives as an aggregator for Europeana. This will draw far more attention to the enormous treasure of European archival material which Archives Portal Europe will be presenting. Moreover, it will be easy to link this within the Europeana portal to cultural heritage objects of institutions of other 'cultural domains'.

Europeana foundation participates in APEnet project

In order to properly implement this second objective, the Europeana Foundation, the project organisation that is guiding the development of the Europeana portal, is one of the participants in the APEnet project consortium, and participants in the APEnet project contribute regularly to the working meetings and conferences of the Europeana project.

Nationaal Archief content via APEnet to Europeana

The Nationaal Archief is a content provider for the Europeana project, but its active role in the APEnet project means it will supply its content to Europeana via the Archives Portal Europe.