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The PLANETS project (Preservation and Long-term Access through Networked Services) is a European project that started in 2006 and will end in 2010.

PLANETS aims to provide a solid framework and infrastructure that can be used to develop and test a coherent set of instruments for the management of digital objects. A matching technical environment is also being developed through which partners can share and effectively use their tools and instruments. This infrastructure and tools will make it possible to systematically (and ultimately, automatically), perform preservation planning and keep digital objects accessible and readable into the future. 

PLANETS is a consortium of sixteen partners from six different countries. Nationaal Archief provides leadership for a number of PLANETS activities relating to planning, testbed development, emulation, and characterisation.  The project is delivering important foundation stones for ongoing development and implementation of the digital service delivery concept.

The PLANETS project is divided into six sub-projects:

  • Preservation Planning (PP)
  • Preservation Characterisation (PC)
  • Preservation Action (PA)
  • Interoperability Framework (IF)
  • Testbed (TB)
  • Dissemination and Take-Up (DT)

Each of these sub-projects is divided up into a number of work packages (research activities) that must deliver actual and usable results.

More information is available from the PLANETS website: