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DPE (Digital Preservation Europe)

Digital Preservation Europe (DPE) was a collaborative European digital preservation project that ran from 2006 to 2009.

Institutions across Europe are in need of information about digital preservation and digital longevity. Numerous initiatives and projects have been established in different locations across Europe to develop this knowledge, and networks have an important role to play in sharing this knowledge and in linking up subjects and researchers. The DPE network had a number of objectives:

  • Improving coordination of activities and avoid duplication of effort;
  • Sharing knowledge and practical experiences with digital repositories by, amongst other things, offering workshops and seminars;
  • Encouraging software providers to make their software more suited to long term preservation;
  • Promoting cooperation in practice and research (concerning tools and methods for digital preservation), and forging links across different disciplines;
  • Developing guidelines, methods, and assistance;
  • Raising awareness within organisations and in key political areas.

DPE produced deliverables in the following areas:

  • A toolkit for audit and certification of digital repositories, including an tool and guidelines for self-certification;
  • A checklist and guidance for planning and setting up digital repositories;
  • A unique identifier service;
  • A shared research agenda and exchange programme;
  • Analysis of technological developments;
  • A model for national competency centres to support systematic development and delivery of desk-based research and services in the field of digital preservation.

The eight partners in DPE were European universities, libraries, cultural heritage institutions, and archives services. The project was also affiliated with UNESCO and important initiatives in Australia and the United States (the San Diego Super Computer Centre and NARA/ERA).