National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Standards for records management systems

Functional requirements for records management applications have been developed by a number of organisations. Unlike the NEN-ISO 15489 standard for records management, these are typically designed around a particular phase of technological development.

The Dutch Archives School (Archiefschool) developed a set of functional requirements for information and archives management in government organisations. This set established the mainstream conditions with which archivies must comply in the provision of information services, in observance of Dutch archival law, and in accordance with the NEN-ISO 15489-1 standard. This set of functional requirements was formed on the basis of software specifications that the Archiefschool developed within the ReMANO project – Records Management Applications for the Netherlands’ Government. ReMANO used the MoReq standard as its starting point (see below), and its structure was used with very few changes. More information is available from The NEN-ISO 2082 standard on functionaliity in records management systems is also of importance in this context (Requirements for functionality of information and archives management software).

Both the European Commission and the American Ministry of Defense have issued requirements and specifications with which information systems and information management should comply:

  • MoReq – Model Requirements for the management of electronic records. MoReq was developed at the request of the European Commission. MoReq is a model specification of requirements for electronic records management systems that describes the relationships between classifications, records, documents, and retention periods.  It is applicable to both digital and hybrid records management systems (systems that comprise both paper and digital files) and describes how such a system should function. In addition, MoReq also describes a number of non-functional requirements, such as document management, workflows, digital preservation and other related aspects. MoReq has now been superceded by Moreq2, an update and extended version of the original MoReq specification. More information about MoReq is available from the website of the European Commission.
  • American Department of Defense Standard DoD 5015.2 (2002). The first version (1998) was translated into Dutch by the Ministry of Traffic and Water Management. The standard is oriented particularly around electronic records management software applications.
  • DIRKS (Designing and Implementing Recordkeeping Systems) is an alternative methodology devised by the Australian government for improving the quality of documentary information services and implementation of a records management application. DIRKS