National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Hybrid records and document management applications

In addition to the MoReq model for electronic records management systems, we also have electronic document AND records management systems.

These software applications occupy a middle ground between a document management system and a records management system. Some archival files comprise both digital and physical objects and they must be managed together. Such applications enable this to take place.

Software applications that support document management are typically either oriented either around documents or records:

  • Document oriented systems tend to include, amongst other things, version control within the context of a business process, retrieval, and document routing;
  • In records management oriented systems, the emphasis lies more on the relationship between records and the business process in which they play a role, the connection between records from this perspective (dossier management, for example), and the authenticity and reliability of archival files and records. Furthermore, activities associated with the records are documented in metadata, to support later reconstruction of exactly what happened.

The solution for recording such information is often found in the form of log books or audit trails, but such a solution is generally integrated into the system. A better solution is the use of an independent set of metadata.