National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Records management in eight steps

An organisation that wishes to implement proper records management should carry out the following eight steps:

  1. A preliminary investigation into the role and goals of an organisation, its structure, and its regulatory and legal environment.
  2. Analysis of the organisation’s business functions and activities, leading to the development of a business classification schema and and an overview of the organisation’s different business functions and transactions
  3. Identification of recordkeeping requirements for each task or activity
  4. An assessment of existing systems based on these requirements
  5. Identification of strategies to comply with its requirements for recordkeeping
  6. Design of a recordkeeping system
  7. Well-planned implementation of a recordkeeping system
  8. Post implementation review of the system and adjustment if necessary.

This approach is an adaptation of the DIRKS method. More information about DIRKS can be found at the National Archives of Australia website.