National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)


After the inspection period is complete, the retention schedule can be finalised with a finalisation order. Article 5, section 2 of the 1995 Archives Act specifies who can finalise the retention schedule. As a result of constitutional principles, this is not always regulated in the same way. A minister can not take a decision over something concerning the State General, the High Councils of State, and the Queens Cabinet. For this reason, retention schedules for these bodies must be finalised by a Royal Decree, in association with the Minister of OCenW.
For archival records concerning other ministers, the Minister of OCenW is unable to make the final decision alone. Decisions regarding such retention schedules are always made collaboratively by both the Minister of OCenW and the minister concerned. For all other government bodies, such as independent governing bodies, provinces and municipalities, the minister of OCenW is unilaterally responsible for taking the final decision.
Should there be any controversy over a final decision, interested parties can register an objection with the administrative courts.