National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Gewaardeerd Verleden (Appreciating the Past)

In 2007, the Director of the State Archives Service proposed a temporary Commission on Appreciation and Appraisal. The Commission was led by Professor Charles Jeurgens and was assigned the task of ‘working towards a new vision of the appreciation and appraisal of archives'. This assignment arose from the Cabinet programme Informatie op orde (2006-2011) and simultaneously responded to the Het tekort van het teveel (Excessive Deficit) report issued by the Council for Culture.

The Commission’s report was published in 2007 under the title Gewaardeerd Verleden (Appreciating the Past). The report endorsed an integrated appraisal objective that included the appraisal of both public and private archives. Furthermore, the report outlined the establishment of a new method for appreciating and appraising archives, oriented around the social context of the information.