National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

The Minister of Education, Culture & Science

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCenW) is responsible for the government’s archival policy and thus also appraisal and selection policies for all government archives. The current appraisal policy is particularly influenced by the Cabinet programme Informatie op orde (2006-2011). This Cabinet programme must lead to modernisation and improved quality in information management practices across the State. All Ministries are working together on this.
The Minister of OCenW is involved in the compilation of retention schedules for all government organisations.

  • Retention schedules for all Ministries and other government bodies that report to the Ministry must be compiled in conjunction with the relevant Minister and the Minister of OCenW
  • The Minister of OCenW must present the compiled retention schedules to the High Councils of State (such as the Second Chamber and the General Court) and the Queens Cabinet.
  • The Minister of OCenW unilaterally determines the retention schedules for independent governing bodies, provinces, municipalities, water authorities, and other government bodies.