National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

Common appraisal criteria

Based on its stated appraisal objective, the PIVOT project formulated of a number of common appraisal criteria. The following functions are valued in a BSD:

1. Functions concerning the preparation and resolution of policy and principles. This includes:

  • Defining the agenda
  • Analysing the information
  • Formulating advice with an eye on future policy
  • Planning or development of the policy
  • Taking decisions about the content of the policy
  • Feedback on the policy, including the selection and specification of objectives and means

2. Functions concerning the evaluation of policy and principles. This includes:

  • Description and criticism of the content
  • The process or the effect of policy (though not the consequences per se)

3. Functions concerning accountability to the appropriate regulatory authority and other actors. This includes submitting a report on the policy or principles to other actors or for publication.

4. Functions concerning the (re-)organisation of government bodies. This includes the establishment, reorganisation and dissolution of agencies, organisations, or other such offices.

5. Functions concerned with the implementation of policy or principles, particularly the tools applied to achieve the stated objectives

6. Functions concerned with the implementation of policy or principles that are directly related to or directly affect the Netherlands in exceptional circumstances and episodes. For example, when ministerial responsibility is dissolved and/or when there is talk of going to war, a state of siege or application of martial law.