National Archives of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)


  • Succesful first part of the project 'Training for Conservation Assistant' in Surinam

    In November and December 2010 a group of eight Surinam heritage professionals were trained as teacher (or trainer) in preparation of the Training for Conservation Assistant. The Training for Conservation Assistant starts in March 2011 in Paramaribo and will educate in managing different cultural heritage objects or in dealing with risks threatening archival or museum collections.

  • MCH-meeting in Albany (New York): creating a MCH-portal and opening of New Netherlands Research Center

    During the previous MCH-meeting in Paramaribo, in April 2010, the participants from all MCH-countries shared the ambition to create a MCH-portal. This portal should make all MCH-records worldwide accessible through the Internet. The New York State Office of Cultural Education (OCE), represented by Deputy Commissioner Jeffrey Cannell, then offered its assistance in creating a logical model for the MCH-portal and, even more, to host the next MCH-meeting. The MCH-team of the Nationaal Archief accepted this generous offer with great enthusiasm.

  • Cooperation between National Archives of Indonesia and the Netherlands formalised

    An Indonesian delegation, led by the new director-general of the Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia (ANRI), Mr. M. Asichin, visited the Nationaal Archief on October 11th and 12th. Mr. Asichin was accompanied by Mr. Tasdik Kinanto from the ministry of Administrative Reform and two of his staff members.

  • Visit from the Federal Archival Agency of the Russian Federation

    From 4th till 8th October a Russian Delegates visited some institutions in the Netherlands, among others the Nationaal Archief. The Russian delegation consisted of: Mr. Andrey Artizov, head of the Federal Archival Service; Mr. Andrey Ryahovskiy, director of the Ministry responsible for Archives; Mrs.

  • Workshop Collection Management and Care

    Conservation and restoration have always been dominant themes within the realm of international cooperation of the Nationaal Archief. Although focus has shifted somehow towards digitization and accessibility in recent times, collection management and care stays on the agenda. This is not just because material in good/stable condition is a prerequisite for digitizing, but also because we want to keep our paper heritage safe for future generations.

  • Report of the Workshop Collection Management and Care

    The National Archives of the Netherlands held a workshop on Collection Care and management at their national office in The Hague. This workshop was attended by eleven participants coming from various countries with historical linkages with the Netherlands.

  • Farewell symposium Mr. Djoko Utomo

    After six years of service Mr. Djoko Utomo recently ended his term of office as Director-General of the Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia (ANRI). The Nationaal Archief together with Leiden University took up this occasion to organise a farewell symposium in honour of this remarkable man.

  • Images for the Future presents manual for digitisation of photographic materials

    Based on their own experiences the Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands compiled a descriptive document with guidelines for the digitisation of photographic materials.

  • Footsteps and fingerprints

    On the 31th of August the book Footsteps and fingerprints. The legacy of a shared history was launched during the congres 'Archives without Borders' in the Peace Palace in The Hague. The book was presented, among others to the ambassador of Sri Lanka.

  • Speech Martin Berendse at congress Archives without Borders

    On the 30th and the 31st of August an international congress titled 'Archives without Borders' was held at the Peace Palace in The Hague. Hosts of this meeting were the Flemish association for archivists and librarians (VVBAD) and the Dutch association for archivists (KVAN).